Thin Biscuits Fins for a tasty break

Always on the lookout for new recipes that will delight lovers of elegant flavours, our Maître Chocolatier has dreamt up a delicious collection of Thin Biscuits based on traditional almond biscuits. Perfect for a short break, they will go with your cup of tea or coffee or can be shared around the table at dessert. Dark chocolate and cherry, white chocolate inspired by Manon or milk chocolate and almonds, this collection promises many moments of shared joy. ​

  • Good things come in threes

    ​Discover our new flavours with Thin Biscuits made with real butter, incrusted with thin pieces of almond and dipped in milk chocolate. Continue your voyage of discovery with an almond and cherry Thin Biscuit dipped in dark chocolate, and top everything off with a Thin Biscuit inspired by our Manon Café, incrusted with almonds and cranberries and dipped in white chocolate.

    Authentic taste

    ​For purists who swear by traditional almond biscuits, our Maître Chocolatier presents pure butter and almond Thin Biscuits, with a crisp texture that melts in your mouth, incrusted with little pieces of almond. Surprisingly harmonious, the Thin Biscuit Almonds will delight connaisseurs with its elegant nature and authentic taste.

    The Thin Biscuit Manon, a delicacy signed Leonidas

    This variation on the almond biscuit bears witness to the extraordinary talent of our Maître Chocolatier. The base of this exceptional biscuit is a thin layer of almond biscuit, whose recipe has been enhanced with coffee and incrusted with tiny pieces of almond and cranberry. Covered with a layer of white chocolate, this delicious biscuit is reminiscent of the legendary taste of the Manon, a famous Leonidas creation.