6 bars for the most delicious chocolate breaks

​Our Maître Chocolatier has concocted six original and exclusive recipes for a delicious Leonidas moment: Chocolate bars made of 100% cocoa butter with natural ingredients.

  • Dark 45% Raspberry

    ​Raspberries and dark chocolate with 45% cocoa. 

    Our Maître Chocolatier has achieved a surprising contrast between the fresh taste of raspberry and the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate, which create a delicious flavour combination.

    Dark 45% Praliné Coffee

    ​Intense dark chocolate combined with coffee praliné. 

    Coffee and dark chocolate are inextricably linked for real chocolate lovers. In this bar, our Maître Chocolatier combines dark chocolate of 45% cocoa, with the famous Leonidas praliné. For all lovers of intense chocolate.

    Milk 30% Salted Caramel

    ​Caramel made with salted butter from Isigny (France) under a layer of delicious milk chocolate. 

    Salted caramel is never more delicious than when made with butter from Isigny, a rural region in Normandy (France) known for the high quality and unique taste of its dairy products. Our Maître Chocolatier chose this butter as the basis for his salted caramel and covered the creation with delicious milk chocolate.

    Milk 30% Praliné Hazelnut

    ​A fine hazelnut praliné coated with smooth milk chocolate. 

    For this milk chocolate bar, our Maître Chocolatier selected our famous Leonidas praliné, using the most delectable roasted hazelnuts. He then added a layer of smooth milk chocolate and… presto: the milk chocolate bar you never forget once you tasted it.

    White Blueberry

    ​Creamy white chocolate with blueberry pieces. 

    Our Maître Chocolatier combined the fresh taste of blueberry with the smooth white chocolate of Leonidas. The small blueberry pieces gives this white chocolate bar a surprising taste experience.

    White Mocha Pearls

    ​White chocolate with crunchy mocha pearls. 

    Our Maître Chocolatier has created a recipe using the fine Leonidas white chocolate and crunchy mocha pearls – a delicious combination for a great taste.