Spread the joy with our corporate gifts!

Are you looking for a corporate gift or a celebration? You can’t go wrong with our Leonidas Belgian chocolates. Surprise your business contacts or your employees with our giftboxes, assorted boxes filled with delicious pralines from Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier.

Your prospects, suppliers or employees will melt when they discover the token of appreciation you have in store for them.

Discover our full range of small and grand gifts from our Maitre Chocolatier here and ask for a personal sales quote according to your preferences.

Interested in these products or your personal composition? A tailor made sales quote.

Ballotin 1kg assortment without alcohol

Ballotin 1kg assortment

Ballotin 2 pralines

Ballotin 2 pralines fresh cream

Ballotin 250g, assortment

Ballotin 250g, assortment without alcohol

Ballotin 4 pralines

Ballotin 4 pralines fresh cream

Ballotin 500g, assortment

Ballotin 500g, assortment without alcohol

Ballotin 6 pralines

Ballotin 6 pralines fresh cream

Ballotin 750g assortment

Ballotin 750g, assortment without alcohol

Items may differ from photographs - Net Weight