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Be enchanted by the magic of Christmas … with Leonidas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and this year, Leonidas is resolutely playing the ‘chic and festive’ card! With the gold shop window, sparkly packaging and the new Golden Apple creation, elegance and magic will brighten up the party throughout the festive season. It is time to celebrate as the colour gold clearly shows!

Christmas is a unique festival which is why Leonidas has added a touch of magic to all its creations. Our products, packaging and shop window have all been given a festive makeover … in the colour gold.

Because the red, blue and silver winter chocolates were so popular last year, the collection is making a comeback this year with a delicious new creation. This time, in a gold wrapper: Golden Apple. The result is an exquisite combination of apple and caramel, covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. Pure indulgent bliss!

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Leonidas - Discover autumn in all its splendour

Autumn has arrived! As the days are gradually getting chillier and stunning autumn colours are appearing in nature, this is the time t o enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee with family and friends with… delicious Leonidas chocolate, of course.
This season, Master Chocolatier Leonidas has found inspiration in the rich colours of nature. The result? A Limited Edition collection with surprising flavours and exquisite colours. A treat for the eyes and taste buds!

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Leonidas presents a summer bursting with magic

This summer, Leonidas will enchant everyone with a mouth-watering taste of magic. The overall theme? Augustin’s Animagical Circus.  A world of magic, scrumptious chocolate, exciting new characters and fun packaging.

The undisputable eye-catcher this summer is the colourful carousel of Leonidas. A fabulous merry-go-round which moves gracefully to a sweet tune. Wind up the carousel and watch Augustin’s Animagical Circus come to life in all its splendour! 

Inside the carousel, chocolate lovers will also discover some delicious chocolate creations. Two magic chocolate balls in striking colourful wrapping will set the taste buds tingling with delight: the Magic Balls.

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This year, Dad flies high with Leonidas

Very soon, Leonidas will be turning the spotlights on all dads. With the theme of ‘My father, my hero’, Leonidas is offering a very original box. You’ll be able to fill this totally retro and adventurous box with your Dad’s favourite chocolates so he’ll enjoy finding – and eagerly eating - the flavours he loves best from the Leonidas range. Or introduce him to the caramelised delights especially selected for him to mark this Father’s Day celebration.

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The mother of all Springtimes this year at Leonidas!

Leonidas is making mothers the stars of the show this springtime! This year, three beautiful boxes and five luxurious pralines from collection n°100 will have an innovative experience in store for their taste buds and see their eyes light up with pleasure!

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For Saint Valentine’s Day, this year Leonidas goes back where it all began: a man, a woman … and a little sinful pleasure

Leonidas, Royal Warrant Holder

On 15th November 2013, His Majesty the King drew up the first list of Royal Warrant Holders for the new reign. The list includes 111 firms, which are, henceforth, authorised to bear the title of Royal Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium.

From now on, these 111 privileged businesses will, therefore, be able to affix the royal coat of arms to their products. Among them are 11 new firms, such as children’s clothing labels, the Queen’s make-up artist, and chocolates offering truly excellent value for money. That’s right, because Leonidas is one of them !

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Leonidas and Disney Present the ‘Mickey and Friends’ Collection

Could Walt Disney have realized when he created Mickey Mouse that he had actually brought to life the most famous and best-loved character in the whole world? This little mouse, known and loved throughout the world, with his famous silhouette in the form of three circles and inseparable from the Disney universe, has now inspired the Belgian master chocolatier par excellence, Leonidas. Discover new world, the world of Mickey and his friends in the land of chocolate!

From January 2014 you can discover the Disney Collection «Limited Edition» (available while stocks last) in Leonidas shops. Mickey and his friends play the leading roles in this collection.

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Christmas Joy and Goodies for Everyone from Leonidas

This Christmas too, master chocolatier Leonidas will naturally be part of the festivities. The best time of the year to gather with family and friends to spend pleasant moments together, and taste delicious chocolate while the first snowflakes gently flutter to the ground.

On the occasion of Christmas, Leonidas once again presents lots of delicious chocolate creations and festive packaging in typical Christmas colours. Great to give or to share on a chilly winter’s
evening. This year, Leonidas gave a magical touch to his creations for all chocolate lovers. The result? A beautifully decorated Christmas bauble, available in three sizes, which is perfect to give the tree a festive and playful touch, but especially so that it tastes heavenly.

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Colours and fruits. Hurray for summer … with Leonidas !

This summer, Leonidas is going straight for a colourful and fruity touch and taking on a seaside air
that no-one will be able to resist.

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A very special sweet gesture in chocolate for our teachers

The end of the school year is the ideal opportunity for our little cherubs to show their teacher their real
affection and thank them for the memorable moments of the past year by giving them a symbolic little gift.
You just have to find that little gem to please them ...

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Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day

On 12th May and 9th June next, we’ll be paying tribute to all mums and dads respectively.
The perfect opportunity to honour those loved ones so dear to us and show them how grateful we are.
Leonidas, who’s there alongside us through the year for each of those special times of celebration,
is surprising us again this year with two delightful gift ideas. For mum and dad …

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Easter treats that please

In gardens and on tables, on plates and in eager mouths, Easter reawakens the most delicious pleasures!
It’s a time for enjoying family meals, the dew of fine spring mornings and, of course, those lovely cravings
for chocolate.
Once again this year, Leonidas sees no reason to break with a great tradition. And, so, it has dreamed up
several new treats for us, to help us relax and enjoy the return of the first rays of sunshine and to add that
little, oh-so anticipated ‘extra’ to Easter!

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Leonidas celebrates 100 years of know-how

This year, Leonidas is celebrating its 100th anniversary. An event that simply
can’t go unnoticed! A century has passed since a man with a passion for confectionery wrote the first lines
of a story about chocolates, sweets and pure pleasure. To mark this festive year, Leonidas has a number of
surprises, new chocolates and wonderful Collector’s tins in store for us.

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Leonidas Hearts

To celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day with a token of affection

Saint Valentine’s Day is a time for people in love, a day full of tender affection
and romance. It’s the perfect opportunity to please your better half and would be unthinkable without
chocolate. Leonidas’ Master Chocolatier presents delicious little chocolate hearts in creatively designed boxes
to delight anyone in love.

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Gia d’Or !

A chocolaty treasure-trove from Leonidas

Leonidas, the famous Master Chocolatier, opens the doors of its safe to unveil its Gia d’Or riches, a real
chocolaty treasure-trove. Leonidas introduces magnificent life-sized gold ingots containing the famous
Gia family of chocolates: Giandujas, Giantinas and Giamandas, to the sheer delight of lovers of creamy

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The new Mosaics from Leonidas

An extravagant camouflage coating for pralines of character

Brussels, 19 September 2012 – This year, the new season at Leonidas is rather daring! This month,
the foremost Belgian Master Chocolate-maker is launching a brand new series of pralines with flavours
that are both sweet and bold: pralines that are soft or crunchy, with delicate bits of cranberry and pieces
of spéculoos biscuit, and all coated in chocolate. What more could you want to stimulate your taste buds
at the start of autumn?

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