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Manon caramel blond prise de 3/4

Manon Caramel blond

Manon ruby prise de 3/4

Manon Ruby

Manon café sérré prise de 3/4

Manon Café serré

3 Manon limited edition!

how can we continue to surprise you? For our anniversary, what stronger testimony of love could there be than to revisit our iconic chocolate, the Manon.

Our Master Chocolatiers have therefore risen to the challenge and come up with not 1 but 3 exclusive tasty recipes that will surprise your taste buds!

Leonidas, a family history

110 years ago, Leonidas Kestekides created the very first chocolates as we know them today. Over the years, four generations of the Kestekides family have left their mark on Leonidas chocolates, transforming the brand into famed family business.

Starting with a single shop with a sliding sash window and chocolates displayed on the window sill, it has today become a global brand with more than 1300 shops. Now, the whole world knows Leonidas and its delicious creations.

We’re all dressed up to celebrate our 110th anniversary!

In order for this event to fill us with delight, we are offering new packaging with a festive touch. The ballotins will be accompanied by a brand new wrapping paper, as well as a lovely bow to which is attached a festive “message” card. A fine little detail that will be sure to impress throughout this anniversary year.

Throughout this festive year, you can treat yourself or others with a sleeve in a streamlined design that can hold 7 delicious Manon chocolates: the 4 classic Manons accompanied by the 3 limited editions.

A passion that has lasted 110 years is meant to be shared.

What would the Leonidas brand be without the passion of the people who work there? It is to them that we owe the transmission of their know-how, creativity and high quality chocolates of which we can rightfully be proud today. This anniversary is also their celebration, and it offers us a fine opportunity to thank them for their love for Leonidas, which they have never stopped showing.