110 yeanrs of love

An assortment of milk chocolates selected by the Leonidas Master Chocolatier. Made traditionally with 100% cocoa butter.

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*This list of products is given as an indication. The composition of our boxes may vary depending on available stocks. The quantity of products in each box depends on the size of the box ordered.

Leonidas - Carre croquant lait

Carré crisp milk

Milk chocolate, praliné with puffed rice


Praliné with pieces of crunchy biscuit

Casaleo milk

Milk chocolate, praliné with puffed rice
Chocolates Leonidas | Cerise dark


Milk chocolate, coconut crème confiseur
Chocolates Leonidas | Small egg praliné milk

Finesse milk

Milk chocolate

Forever coffee milk

Milk chocolate, crème confiseur with coffee

Forever praliné milk

Milk chocolate, praliné

Seashells milk

Milk chocolate, praliné with caramel flavour