Bliss is as simple as a Leonidas chocolate!

Lady enjoying a Leonidas manon on a sofa

Take a Leonidas chocolate. Pop it in your mouth. Close your eyes. Savour it… What if bliss was, quite simply, in this little piece of Belgian chocolate? At any time of the day, at any time of the year, delicious Leonidas chocolates are there for you, supporting your well-being. Join our Master Chocolatiers and discover those little details that make us happy!

Leonidas Chocolate Spread

The little moments of happiness according to Leonidas

Take a good look around you. Bliss is there, within reach. Yes, yes, look! It’s at your fingertips from the moment you start your breakfast. It’s in front of your eyes (certainly still half-asleep), in this pot of Leonidas chocolate spread. Open the lid, take a lick, spread it on your crusty bread and take a big bite! What a wonderful start to your day! Do you want to know a secret? There are many more of these little moment of happiness to come!

Perhaps you’re at school or in the office? Been working hard? Your brain is fried? You need a gourmet break! Head for the coffee machine or the playground. Take a chocolate tablet out of your bag, a little Leonidas Crousty or a packet of chocolate biscuits, and share them with your friends. Satisfied and happy, you’re ready for a fresh start!

Do you like to finish your lunch on a sweet note? At noon, after a good meal, with your tea or coffee, a single chocolate is enough to put you in a good mood… If it’s a Leonidas chocolate, of course!

Breakfast table with Leonidas products

Yippee! It’s afternoon snack time! Forget your school bags and files. Parents sit down to a nice and comforting hot chocolate, what a pleasure to watch the pyramid melt in the hot milk. The children delight in licking a chocolate Lollipop. Mmm… how lovely to come back together at the end of a long day…

After dinner, you crunch on a nice piece of chocolate decorated with caramelized almonds or pecans ... Or dig out a chocolate from this sumptuous box that someone gifted to you!

Isn’t life wonderful when the Leonidas Master Chocolatiers fill it with little gourmet delights?

Box of Leonidas chocolates with thank you on the box

The joy of great moments with Leonidas chocolates

Another lovely thing in life is that every occasion is a good one to give or receive Leonidas Belgian chocolate.

Of course there are the big traditional celebrations: St Nicholas, Christmas, New Year, St Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mothers’ Day, followed by Fathers’ Day, etc. Give everyone you love their favourite chocolates and sweet treats. See their eyes shine blissfully when they open their gourmet gift. It’s such a good feeling to make people happy!

And then there are the celebrations that only your own family and friends mark. A birthday, a wedding, a birth, a communion, a graduation, a sporting victory, a retirement, etc. all good occasions to bring a chocolate gift. Trust in our long experience as Master Chocolatiers. Leonidas is the joy of sharing and the perfect gift idea!

Leonidas Chocolate Boxes

Leonidas: the “blissful box”

At Leonidas, bliss comes in a box! But not just any box: a beautiful box of chocolates and sweet treats. Nicely wrapped ballotins, a lovely metal box, velvet heart, gift box, etc. Eating a Leonidas Belgian chocolate begins with a feast for the eyes. Then you open the box. You admire the colours. Which chocolate will you pick?

Then come the flavours. Our chocolate ganaches made with 100% pure cocoa butter and without palm oil are delicately flavoured. Detect a note of vanilla, a touch of coffee, a taste of orange blossom, a creamy caramel. Each one of our chocolates is unique, crunchy, creamy and flavoursome, and made from premium ingredients. They are finely crafted by our Master Chocolatiers and the result of our long know-how.

Smiling Leonidas saleswoman

Where can you find bliss?

Do you want to bring smiles and joy to people’s faces? Do your spirits need lifting? Find bliss in your nearest Leonidas shop now. Or would you prefer to have good humour delivered directly to your door? We’ve thought of that too. Place your order for Leonidas chocolates and sweet treats online in our e-shop. We know it’s these little details that make our customers happy!