The secrets of chocolate truffles by Leonidas

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From the many delights available from your favourite Belgian chocolatier, this month we present chocolate truffles! Why ‘truffles’? Because at Leonidas, pleasure is always enjoyed in the plural. It is not just a recipe that we bring you, but a whole palette of flavours: dark, milk or white chocolate ganaches, cocoa, nougat or speculoos coating… Explore the history of the chocolate truffle and how our Master Chocolatiers have elevated it to the sublime. 

Where do chocolate truffles come from?

The chocolate truffle is another culinary preparation that owes its creation to the imagination of a chocolatier in distress. The story takes place in Chambéry, in December 1895. Louis Dufour, a pastry chef and chocolatier by trade, finds himself short of chocolate. It’s highly annoying for a confectioner, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Not wanting to lower himself by asking his competitors for some, he simply invents a new recipe.

The Chambéry chocolatier adds fresh cream and vanilla to cocoa powder. He dips this mixture into melted chocolate then covers it with cocoa powder. Resembling the delicately scented black fungus so prized in haute cuisine, this new delicacy is thus named ‘truffle’.

Copeaux de chocolat noir

How do you make chocolate truffles with your children?

Making chocolate truffles with your children is a great idea for an activity! Leonidas brings you a really easy recipe based directly on that of Louis Dufour. You will need 150 ml of liquid fresh cream and a sachet of vanilla sugar per 200 g tablet of dark or milk chocolate.

Break the tablet into pieces in a bowl. Heat the cream and the sugar in a pan. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and allow the chocolate to melt for one minute before stirring. Cover the mixture with baking paper and transfer to the refrigerator for 24 hours to harden.

The next day, prepare several cups filled with bitter cocoa powder, crumbs of nougatine, icing sugar, hazelnut pieces, or anything else you fancy. As if working with modelling dough, form small balls of ganache and roll them around your cups of coatings. Your chocolate truffles are ready to enjoy and your little ones’ faces are ready to be washed!

Assortiment de truffes Leonidas

Pourquoi vous offrir des truffes en chocolat Leonidas?

Home-made truffles are good. But truffles made by renowned Master Chocolatiers are even more delicious! At Leonidas, we have devoted our entire know-how to these little sweet chocolate treats. Thanks to our long experience in chocolates, we bring you chocolate truffles in a choice of flavours.

We have created truffles in some novel flavours. Treat yourself to a box of truffles and discover our four chocolate truffle treats. They come in dark, milk and white chocolate, and in our classic, dark, speculoos and Marc de Champagne varieties.

Just like all our gourmet treats and chocolates, our truffles are made from 100% pure cocoa butter. All the ingredients that go into them are carefully selected, and are sourced from ethical and environmentally responsible producers.


Fancy trying our delicious chocolate truffles in comforting flavours? Head to your nearest Leonidas shop and treat yourself to our truffles collection. You can also order online in our e-shop.