Ganache: the know-how of our Master Chocolatiers

Dark chocolate chips

The Leonidas Master Chocolatiers are all big kids. They really are! Remember when you were young? You’d take great delight in playing in the mud, stirring soil and water until you got a smooth, creamy mixture. Well, we make our childhood dream come true in our workshops! We make ganache! Made from 100% pure cocoa butter, we apply our know-how and exclusively premium ingredients to bring you the finest chocolates. Join our world and discover all the secrets of Leonidas ganache

The fascinating history of ganache

“Imbecile”…. No, don’t worry! We don’t mean you! This insult is actually the meaning of the word ‘ganache’. It’s what a Master called an apprentice when the poor clumsy oaf had just spilled boiling fresh cream onto some chocolate. In the end, far from being a waste, this kitchen blunder became one of the basic culinary preparations of Master Chocolatiers.

Ganache is thus a blend of chocolate and fresh cream… and butter too, sometimes, because it’s better! Sugar, flavours such as vanilla, coffee, orange blossom, spices or flavoured alcohols can also be added. Because of the fresh cream, the preparation is more or less solid after chilling.

In the pastry sector, this creamy, tasty mixture is used as a topping for cakes. Master Chocolatiers use it to create delicious sweet treats such as the famous Leonidas chocolates.

Master chocolatier Leonidas

All the secrets of ganache from the Leonidas Master Chocolatiers

To make the perfect ganache, Leonidas applies its know-how and exceptional ingredients. It all starts with roasting the cocoa beans, a process that is monitored meticulously. Next, the beans are ground, and reduced to a very fine powder. Our famous premium Belgian chocolate is guaranteed to be free from palm oil. It contains cocoa butter only.

And when it comes to the cream, as the name suggests, it’s of course fresh, never frozen! The same goes for the butter and the milk. All the other ingredients that go into making our different ganaches are also carefully selected.

Ganache-Platte Dressé Noisette Leonidas

Leonidas ganache, an exceptional chocolate

Your favourite chocolatier has honoured this culinary preparation in a chocolate of the same name: the Ganache. This chocolate treat is a subtle blend of milk chocolate and ganache in a deliciously unique recipe. Succumb to the temptation of this tasty treat and melt with pleasure…

The art of the chocolatier is also about marrying flavours. At Leonidas, we reinvent ganaches into ever more original chocolates. Taste our creamy Dressé Noisette, a spiral of milk chocolate ganache topped with a whole hazelnut sourced from our producers in Turkey. The Floranger gives off flavours of orange blossom beneath an intense dark chocolate ganache. Fall for the irresistible Heart raspberry, our pink heart-shaped treat in white chocolate with bits of raspberry and raspberry ganache.

It’s hard to choose! We know only too well what you mean. Which is why we have brought all our ganache-filled chocolates together in sumptuous boxes, to treat someone else, to treat yourself, and especially to share!

Fancy chocolates filled with chocolate ganache? Visit your nearest Leonidas shop. Or you can order our sweet chocolate treats online in our e-shop. Make your selection now!