Make your teacher happy with a gift of chocolate!

Child with a box of Leonidas chocolates that says thank you

The school year is coming to a close. You’d like to give a gift to your child’s really kind teacher, or to your tutor, who has taught you so much. What present might they like? After months of teaching, supervising, correcting, preparing, assessing, caring, consoling and so on from morning to night, it’s teachers’ turn for some much-needed uplifting sweetness. The best gift to give a teacher is undoubtedly a box of chocolates. At Leonidas, you will find no end of ideas to bring bliss to your teacher! 


Ballotin fête des profs customisé et posé sur une table

Chocolate is the perfect gift for teachers and tutors

If you ever go into a school staffroom, one of the first things you will notice is the ballotin or the chocolate tablet taking pride of place in the middle of the table. Chocolate is teachers’ key tool. It feeds their constantly churning brains, and allows them to destress when there are so many things to manage. 

Teachers of course have to teach right through the year. Keeping between 20 and 30 children engaged and calm is quite a challenge! And then there’s everything else on top: the sore that needs treating during the recess, the music or film project to find out about, the staff meeting during the lunch ‘break’ that can’t be missed, etc. Basically, it never stops! And at the end of term, there isn’t a teacher with a minute to themselves because they have the report cards to complete. 

All that takes a huge amount of energy. Just one piece of chocolate, creamy and tasty, recharges the batteries! The box of chocolates in the middle of the table is willingly shared, because if one colleague cracks, it’s the entire team that suffers. Have we managed to convince you that your next gift for your teacher will be an assortment of chocolates? 

A blissful box and the teacher will give you a kiss

At the school fete, when the report cards are issued, on the last year of the school year, or on Teachers’ Day, give your favourite teacher a Leonidas blissful box

  • View our special gifts for teachers and tutors: coloured chocolate pencils, a pencil-shaped ballotin, a blackboard mug, etc. 
  • You’ll love the metal Heritage box, which afterwards is perfect for storing marks or absence letters. 
  • The round Dora box will make a pretty box for chalk. 
  • If you really love your teacher, give them our beautiful velvet heart box
  • Do you want to thank the entire teaching team? One thing is certain: receiving the A Dream Come True box before heading off on holiday will do them all a power of good. 

The Gourmet Delights page, with chocolate spreads and boxes of Orangettes and Mendiants, is also an excellent source of gift ideas for school teachers


Assortiment de produits Leonidas fête des profs

Premium quality chocolate for outstanding teachers

To keep your teachers on top form and, above all, in good spirits, you have to give them the best chocolate! Thanks to the know-how of our Master Chocolatiers, which dates back over a century, Leonidas chocolates and sweet treats look as good as they taste. 

We know that teachers are sensitive to these values, which they in turn pass on to the children. We select the most flavoursome cocoa beans. Our chocolate is guaranteed to be made from 100% pure cocoa butter, and is completely free from palm oil. In making its Belgian chocolates, Leonidas uses only premium quality ingredients sourced from countries whose producers practise ethical cultivation and respect the environment  

Looking for the perfect gift for your child’s teacher or tutor? To mark Teachers’ Day, explore our selection of boxes of sweet chocolate treats in your nearest Leonidas shop or online in our e-shop