Leonidas chocolates: a delicious and romantic Valentine’s gift

boite de praline en forme de coeur

The years pass and things change. Although one thing is always the same: chocolate of course, more of which later. But we are thinking more about a date that comes round every year: 14 February! Yes, on Valentine’s Day we celebrate love, the great, the eternal, the passionate… (even if it doesn’t always last!). And celebrations call for a gift! But how to treat your sweetheart or Romeo? A film, a restaurant? Hmm, not sure how that would go down… But luckily for you, the Leonidas Master Chocolatiers have come to the rescue! Thanks to their exceptional know-how, whatever the state of your love life, your Valentine’s gift will be romantic and delicious for now and evermore, just like your love…

Moment de bonheur amour

Leonidas chocolates: an irresistible Valentine’s gift!

Leonidas Belgian chocolate is creamy, tasty and a cut above… ah, that rhymes with love! Indeed, love and chocolate are two of life’s great pleasures. When they come together, they create a cocktail of intense sensations. What more could you want as a couple? Treat yourself to this exquisite moment of indulgence for Valentine's Day.

You’re totally excited about giving a Valentine’s gift to the love of your life. The box of chocolates is wrapped in beautiful paper, delightfully embellished with a ribbon. With feverish fingers and a beating heart, your other half tears it open. On unwrapping the chocolates and nougatines, your love’s eyes shine with bliss!

Alone together, entwined, you share this gorgeous gift and the magic of the moment. A Mystère, a Désiré, a Délice, an I Love You… which chocolate will you pick? Hmmm… perhaps succumb to a Forever, and a little Cœur. Treat yourself to our lovely chocolates and, kiss kiss, savour your 14 February.

Saint Valentin coeur pralines et boite

The special Leonidas Valentine’s box: what a romantic gift!

To take Valentine’s Day up a notch, Maison Leonidas and its Master Chocolatiers surpass themselves year on year. To mark the occasion, we create personalised romantic boxes and exceptional chocolates.

Up the passion with the Leonidas Romance Gift Hamper. It includes our red velvet heart-shaped box. When all the chocolates have gone, you can use it to keep your little love letters secret.

Open up your heart and see your beloved melt with adoration with the Leonidas With all my Heart box. It is a collection of all the chocolates and sweet treats your loved one can’t resist. Once it’s empty, the small metal heart-shaped box in red makes the perfect jewellery box.

Want to play the full-on romantic card? The special Valentine’s box is filled with little chocolate hearts, each with a more amazing flavour than the last. Our Master Chocolatiers’ imagination when it comes to their creations is as unbridled as your love for the lucky recipient of your Valentine’s gourmet gift.

Coeur pralines

Leonidas chocolates and sweet treats - the finest gourmet gifts

Classic chocolates or special Valentine’s mini chocolate hearts, every Leonidas culinary creation is made with passion, and above all with premium quality ingredients. Whether white, dark or milk, in our chocolate we use only 100% pure cocoa butter. Our ganaches are made from fresh products, be it the cream, the milk or the butter.

The fruits, flowers, aromas and spices that bring flavour and colour to our chocolates are sourced from ethical suppliers who respect our beautiful planet. To bring you the finest Valentine’s chocolate gifts, our sweet chocolate treats are made entirely in Belgium with the know-how of our Master Chocolatiers.


Are you looking for a Valentine’s gift? Find your bliss in your nearest Leonidas shop. You can also order your boxes of chocolates online via our e-shop.