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Chocolates Leonidas | Fruit jellies

A wide range of jellies rich in fruit. The Leonidas fruit jellies come in a choice of fruity and sugary flavours, including pineapple, cherry, fig, strawberry, peach, tangerine, pear and apple. The most delicious way to rediscover the fruit of the orchard and elsewhere.

No peanuts
No Gluten
Lactose free
No eggs
No soya
No sulfites
Without traces of alcohol

fruits, sugar, glucose syrup, pectin, acidifier : citric acid, acidity regulator : sodium citrate, colouring agents (curcumin, carmine, copper complexes of chlorophyll, caramel), flavourings.

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Chocolates Leonidas | Fruit jellies

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Chocolates Leonidas | Fruit jellies

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