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At Leonidas, the days are counted down in sweets

If St Nicholas means chocolate, the patron saint of children knows how to please. 

Don’t wait for December 6th to treat your children. We have come up with a countdown in sweets to slip inside the little ones’ slippers. 

To give a little taste of the celebration that awaits... 

And for even more delight, taste the great quality of Leonidas chocolates, without palm oil, using fine Belgian chocolate, produced with respect for the environment. 

St Nicholas chocolate balls

They’re back! Our St Nicholas chocolate balls with fun designs that you can slide discretely into the kids’ shoes before the “Big Day”. 

This year, our Master Chocolatiers completed our collection with 2 new chocolate balls: the vanilla chocolate ball and the Caramel-flavoured praliné ball.

Do not wait any longer to discover our various chocolate balls... A different flavour for everyone, to provide even more surprises. 

Bille crème vanille

St Nicholas ball vanilla milk

Milk chocolate, vanilla-flavoured cream
Bille praline caramel

St Nicholas ball praliné white

White chocolate, caramel-flavoured praliné
Bille St Nicolas blanc praliné riz soufflé

St. Nicholas ball praliné puffed rice white

White chocolate, praliné, puffed rice
Bille St Nicolas lait caramel salé

St. Nicholas ball salted caramel milk

Milk chocolate, salted caramel
Bille St Nicolas Lait pâtes noisettes

St. Nicholas ball hazelnut paste milk

Milk chocolate, hazelnut paste
Bille St Nicolas lait praliné biscuit

St. Nicholas ball biscuit praliné milk

Milk chocolate, biscuit praliné
Bille St Nicolas lait praliné sucré pop

St. Nicholas ball sparkling praliné milk

Milk chocolate, sparkling praliné
Bille St Nicolas voiture noir praline biscuit

St. Nicholas ball praliné dark

Dark chocolate, praliné

Discover the St Nicholas house

Hurry and discover the St Nicholas house. Fill up the house yourself with our chocolate figurines, gold coins, chocolate balls or our marzipan to delight children, young and old alike. 

Leonidas gold coins

A feast of St Nicholas without chocolate coins? Unthinkable! 

Money (or gold) may not be the secret to happiness, but the Leonidas’ gold coins may well come close😊 

Discover our gold coins for your treasure hunts, but above all to taste top quality delicious Belgian milk chocolate

Chocolate figurines

Welcome to the world of hollow figurines for St Nicholas! These little marvels are emblematic of this popular holiday. Are you looking for something small to give as a gift, or something a bit larger to decorate your holiday table? No worries, we have everything you need. And the choice of chocolates is simply incredible! Dark, white, blond or milk chocolate, there’s something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? You’ll love them! 

Count down until Christmas with our advent calenders!

Christmas is fast approaching. 

What can be harder than to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus! To help children wait patiently for the magical moment, offer them the Advent calendar “specially for little chocolate lovers” to count down the days. A chocolatey treat for every day, culminating in a nice surprise in the square for the 24th! 

We also have not forgotten the older chocolate lovers!

Starting on 1 December, each morning has its own window, each window its own surprise, and each surprise brings its own delight... 

Never has waiting for Christmas been so delicious.

Quality is our greatest asset

Pure cocoa butter

100% pure cocoa butter

Leonidas wants you to enjoy moments of pure bliss. That is why our Master Chocolatiers only use chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

Without palm oil

Made without palm oil

Our Master Chocolatiers are obsessed with quality. They will only accept pure cocoa butter. That is why you won’t find a single drop of palm oil in our chocolate.

Belgium 1913

Belgian since 1913

Leonidas chocolates are made in Belgium. Our Master Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients, handling them with loving care and with a respect for tradition.

Sustainable cocoa

Sustainable cocoa

Leonidas chooses sustainable cocoa to produce its pralines. When your aim is to create moments of happiness for everyone, what’s more normal than caring about nature and humankind?