Discover the Leonidas assortment of chocolates

For more than 100 years, our Master Chocolatiers have been assembling the finest ingredients to offer you creative and tasty recipes. Without palm oil and made from 100% pure cocoa butter, our chocolates will ensure blissful moments of chocolatey delight.

Alexandre le Grand orange

Soft caramel cream with pieces of lightly candied orange peel


Bergamot-flavoured caramel cream

Bûche pistachio

Dark chocolate, pistachio-flavoured marzipan


Dark chocolate, whole morello cherry in liqueur cream


Cherry with stalk and pit in liqueur cream


Coconut crème confiseur


Pineapple buttercream

Duetto strawberry balsamic

Dark chocolate ganache with strawberry and a balsamic vinegar

Duetto yuzu dragon fruit

Dark chocolate ganache with yuzu and dragon fruit flavour

Eve banana

Banana-flavoured buttercream


Dark chocolate ganache with orange blossom flavour
Coeur framboise

Heart raspberry

White chocolate and raspberries, raspberry ganache

I love you

Lemon-flavoured crème confiseur

Irrésistible blackcurrant

Dark chocolate, blackcurrant butter cream

Irrésistible grapefruit

Marbled milk chocolate, pink grapefruit butter cream