Discover the Leonidas assortment of chocolates

For more than 100 years, our Master Chocolatiers have been assembling the finest ingredients to offer you creative and tasty recipes. Without palm oil and made from 100% pure cocoa butter, our chocolates will ensure blissful moments of chocolatey delight.

Massepain Amande

Almond marzipan

Pure marzipan topped with an almond
Bâton lait caramel

Bar caramel 50g

Milk chocolate, caramel
Baton noir praliné café

Bar coffee praliné 50g

Dark chocolate, coffee praliné
Bâton chocolat au lait et noisettes

Bar hazelnut praliné 50g

Milk chocolate, praliné
Bâton chocolat noir praliné noisettes

Bar hazelnut praliné 50g

Dark chocolate, hazelnut praliné
Bâton chocolat blanc perles Moka

Bar mocha pearls 50g

White chocolate, mocha pearls
Bâton chocolat noir framboise

Bar raspberry 45g

Dark chocolate with bursts of raspberry
Pièce en chocolat au lait

Chocolate coins

Milk chocolate
tablette stevia au chocolat au lait

Chocolate with stevia 85g

Milk chocolate tablet with natural stevia extract
tablette stevia au chocolat au noir

Chocolate with stevia 85g

Dark chocolate tablet with 80% cocoa content and natural stevia extract
Pâte à tartiner noir

Dark spread

Dark chocolate-flavoured spread.
Elephant lait coloré 40g

Elephant colored 40g

Little hollow milk chocolate figurine in the shape of an elephant.
Leonidas - Pralines - Pates de fruits

Fruit jellies

Fruit jellies : Green apple, pear, strawberry, pineapple, tangerine, cherry, fig and peach
Pickmix noir praline

Fun ball dark praliné

Fun ball dark chocolate with praliné
Pickmix lait praline biscuit

Fun ball milk biscuit praliné

Fun ball milk chocolate with biscuit praliné