Discover the Leonidas assortment of chocolates

For more than 100 years, our Master Chocolatiers have been assembling the finest ingredients to offer you creative and tasty recipes. Without palm oil and made from 100% pure cocoa butter, our chocolates will ensure blissful moments of chocolatey delight.

Advocaat dark

Dark chocolate, advocaat-flavoured crème confiseur

Alexandre le Grand

Dark chocolate, caramel cream
Bâton chocolat noir praliné café

Bar dark chocolate coffee praliné 50g

Dark chocolate, coffee praliné
Bâton chocolat noir praliné noisettes

Bar dark chocolate hazelnut praliné 50g

Dark chocolate, hazelnut praliné
Bâton chocolat noir framboise

Bar dark chocolate raspberry 45g

Dark chocolate with bursts of raspberry


Dark chocolate, caramel cream with sea salt from Guérande

Bûche dark

Dark chocolate, tender praliné

Bûche marzipan pistachio

Dark chocolate, pistachio-flavoured marzipan
Leonidas - Carré croquant noir

Carré crisp dark

Dark chocolate, praliné with puffed rice

Casaleo dark

Dark chocolate, praliné with puffed rice

Cerise dark

Dark chocolate, whole morello cherry in liqueur cream


Dark chocolate, cherry with stalk and pit in liqueur cream
citronette top shot


Candied lemon peel coated with dark chocolate

Crate pure liquors

Crate with a mix of pure liqueurs ((Cointreau, Poire Williams, Whisky, Curaçao, Amaretto, Limoncello, St James Rhum, Gin).
ts crousty noir

Crousty dark

Dark chocolate, crunchy biscuit and praliné
Pâte à tartiner Noir de noir

Dark spread

Dark chocolate-flavoured spread.

Duetto strawberry balsamic

Dark chocolate, dark chocolate ganache with strawberry and a balsamic vinegar

Eve vanilla

Dark chocolate, vanilla-flavoured buttercream
Paquet de la tablette fourrée Noir de noir de couleur bleu foncé et mauve avec une image de la praline Noir de noir

Filled tablet Noir de noir 75G

Dark chocolate tablet filled with an intense dark chocolate ganache

Finesse dark

Dark chocolate


Dark chocolate, dark chocolate ganache with orange blossom flavour
gingembrette TS


Thin candied ginger slice coated with dark chocolate
Coeur noir

Heart noir de noir

Dark chocolate, intense dark chocolate ganache
Hippopotame coloré lait 40g

Hippopotamus colored 40G

Little hollow dark chocolate figurine in the shape of a hippopotamus.

I love you

Dark chocolate, lemon-flavoured crème confiseur
Boule Leonidas en chocolat emballé avec un hippo

Kids ball praliné dark

Dark chocolate with praliné
feuille vanille noir

Leaf vanilla

Dark chocolate, vanilla-flavoured crème confiseur

Lingot coffee

Dark chocolate, coffee buttercream and praliné
Lollipop bear noir

Lollipop bear colored dark 30G

Dark chocolate Lollipop Bear

Louise dark

Dark chocolate, praliné with caramel flavour
Léonidas - Manon café lait

Manon Café dark

Dark chocolate, coffee buttercream, praliné and a whole hazelnut

Marron hazelnuts

Dark chocolate, coffee-flavoured praliné with caramelized hazelnuts
Marshmallow Noir

Marshmallow dark

Marshmallow coated with dark chocolate
Marshmallow Framboise

Marshmallow raspberry

Marshmallow with pieces of raspberry coated in dark chocolate
Marshmallow Caramel Salé

Marshmallow salted caramel

Soft marshmallow with a layer of crunchy caramel cream with fleur de sel
Maxi tablette cranberry noir

Maxi tablet cranberry

Dark chocolate with fruity and acid taste of the cranberry
Mendiant noir

Mendiant dark

Dark chocolate disc decorated with pecan nuts and dried fruits


Dark chocolate, pistachio-flavoured buttercream

Napolitain dark

Dark chocolate

Napolitain dark 72%

Dark chocolate single origin cocoa 72%

Napolitain nibs dark

Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs
Napolitain orange

Napolitain orange dark

Orange-flavoured dark chocolate

Nibs low in sugar

Dark chocolate, praliné and cocoa nibs, low in sugar

Noir de Noir

Dark chocolate, ganache with intense dark chocolate

Noisette masquée dark

Dark chocolate, praliné with a whole hazelnut
Orange trempée

Orange trempée

Candied orange dipped in dark chocolate


Candied orange peel coated with dark chocolate

Palet dark 72%

Dark chocolate, dark chocolate ganache with single origin cocoa 72%
pamplemousette top shot


Candied grapefruit peel coated with dark chocolate
Panda coloré noir 40g

Panda colored 40G

Little hollow dark chocolate figurine in the shape of a panda.
perle fine

Pearl fine orange

Dark chocolate, chocolate cream and praliné, fine orange flavour
Pyramide chai latte

Pyramide chai latte

Spiced chocolate ganache with a chai tea aroma
Pyramide Mexique

Pyramide Mexique

Dark chocolate ganache from Mexico, single-origin 68% cocoa
Fruit de mer noir

Seashells dark

Dark chocolate, praliné with caramel flavour


Dark chocolate, salted caramel with rose-tinted Camargue fleur de sel perfumed with a hint of violets
Batonnet choco latte

Stick Choco Latte

Block of pure chocolate of 36g with a little stick for a hot chocolate.
Tablette chocolat noir 70% cacao 100G

Tablet dark chocolate 70% cocoa 100G

Dark chocolate, 70% cocoa
Tablette Noir 85%

Tablet dark chocolate 85% cocoa 100G

Dark chocolate, 85% cocoa
Paquet de la tablette Noir Nibs bleu et beige avec des images de chocolats noirs et des éclats de Nibs

Tablet dark chocolate nibs 100G

Dark chocolate with nibs (roasted cocoa beans)
Tablette chocolat noir orange 100G

Tablet dark chocolate orange 100G

Dark chocolate with orange peel
Paquet de la tablette au chocolat noir à la framboise bleu et rose vif avec des images de framboises et de chocolats noirs

Tablet dark chocolate raspberry 100G

Dark chocolate with raspberry
tablette stevia au chocolat au noir

Tablet stevia dark chocolate 85G

Dark chocolate tablet with 80% cocoa content and natural stevia extract
top shot tosca


Dark chocolate, intense dark chocolate ganache with rum
Truffe classique

Truffle classic

Ganache with dark and milk chocolate
Truffe noire

Truffle dark

Ganache with 85% cocoa dark chocolate

Vanilla low in sugar

Dark chocolate, vanilla-flavoured ganache, low in sugar