Discover the Leonidas assortment of chocolates

For more than 100 years, our Master Chocolatiers have been assembling the finest ingredients to offer you creative and tasty recipes. Without palm oil and made from 100% pure cocoa butter, our chocolates will ensure blissful moments of chocolatey delight.

Chocolates Leonidas | Aube d'hiver

Aube d'hiver

Dark chocolate, ganache with dark chocolate and cranberries, buttercream with vanilla
Chocolates Leonidas | Christmas Tree brownie crumble

Christmas Tree brownie crumble

Red dark chocolate, white chocolate cream and brownie crumble
Chocolates Leonidas | Christmas Tree cranberry ganache

Christmas Tree cranberry ganache

White chocolate, cranberry ganache
Chocolates Leonidas | Christmas Tree tangerine ganache

Christmas Tree tangerine ganache

Dark chocolate, tangerine ganache
Chocolates Leonidas | Duetto strawberry balsamic

Duetto strawberry balsamic

Dark chocolate ganache with strawberry and a balsamic vinegar
Chocolates Leonidas | Duetto yuzu dragon fruit

Duetto yuzu dragon fruit

Dark chocolate ganache with yuzu and dragon fruit flavour
Chocolates Leonidas | Floranger


Dark chocolate ganache with orange blossom flavour
Chocolates Leonidas | Heart noir de noir

Heart noir de noir

Intense dark chocolate ganache
Chocolates Leonidas | Heart raspberry

Heart raspberry

White chocolate and raspberries, raspberry ganache
Chocolates Leonidas | Manon-Low in sugar

Manon-Low in sugar

White chocolate, Manon Café cream and praliné
Chocolates Leonidas | Noir de Noir

Noir de Noir

Ganache with intense dark chocolate
Chocolates Leonidas | Palet 72%

Palet 72%

Dark chocolate ganache with single origin cocoa 72%
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection Brésil

Sélection Brésil

Dark chocolate ganache from Brazil
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection fig

Sélection fig

Ganache with puréed figs and blonde chocolate praliné in a dark chocolate cup
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection ginger lemon

Sélection ginger lemon

Ginger and lemon ganache, dark chocolate
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection Matcha

Sélection Matcha

Matcha tea ganache, dark chocolate
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

Sélection Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

Dark chocolate ganache from Papua New Guinea
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection sea buckthorn

Sélection sea buckthorn

Ganache of sea buckthorn berries and praliné in a dark chocolate cup
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection tiramisu

Sélection tiramisu

Tiramisu-flavoured ganache in a dark chocolate cup
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection Venezuela

Sélection Venezuela

Dark chocolate ganache from Venezuela
Chocolates Leonidas | Sélection violet

Sélection violet

Violet ganache, dark chocolate
Chocolates Leonidas | Tosca


Intense dark chocolate ganache with rum
Chocolates Leonidas | Vanilla-Low in sugar

Vanilla-Low in sugar

Dark chocolate and vanilla-flavoured ganache

More than 80 different chocolates

Proud to be among the creators of the best-known Belgian chocolates in the world, Leonidas has developed a wide range of recipes over the years. Whether you prefer dark chocolate, milk chocolate or are always on the lookout for the white chocolates hidden at the bottom of the ballotin, you will always find something to give you pleasure in our assortment.

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Then why not try, for example, our heart-shaped blond chocolate? Also known as “dulcey”, this caramelized white chocolate is particularly tasty and creamy.

For every taste and preference

It’s not always easy to find the right foods if you are trying to avoid certain ingredients. But that’s no reason to stop enjoying a treat! Our product range includes gluten-free chocolates and others that are light in sugar. Hurry and discover them.