Chocolates Leonidas | Bûche


Tender praliné
Chocolates Leonidas | Casaléo


Praliné with puffed rice
Chocolates Leonidas | Christmas ball praliné puffed rice

Christmas ball praliné puffed rice

White chocolate, puffed rice praliné
Chocolates Leonidas | Christmas Tree cranberry ganache

Christmas Tree cranberry ganache

White chocolate, cranberry ganache
Chocolates Leonidas | Duetto yuzu dragon fruit

Duetto yuzu dragon fruit

Dark chocolate ganache with yuzu and dragon fruit flavour
Chocolates Leonidas | Heart raspberry

Heart raspberry

White chocolate and raspberries, raspberry ganache
Chocolates Leonidas | Louise hazelnut

Louise hazelnut

Caramel-flavoured praliné and caramelized hazelnuts
Chocolates Leonidas | Manon-Low in sugar

Manon-Low in sugar

White chocolate, Manon Café cream and praliné
Limited edition
Chocolates Leonidas | Mosaïque pain d'amandes

Mosaïque pain d'amandes

Crispy praliné with fragments of bitter almond flavoured biscuits
Chocolates Leonidas | Noisette masquée

Noisette masquée

Praliné with a whole hazelnut
Chocolates Leonidas | Praliné puffed rice-Low in sugar

Praliné puffed rice-Low in sugar

White chocolate, praliné and puffed rice