Confidentiality policy

This confidentiality policy is intended to inform the customer about the types of data collected, how the data will be used and how to rectify or erase the data.

The company, Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A., reserves the right to amend this confidentiality policy.

Type of data collected and how it is used

The customer’s personal data are stored in a database managed by the company, Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A. The data are used for the customer’s purchases and for marketing purposes.

Personal data refers to the customer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number etc. Data collection occurs when the customer places an order online.

Rectifying and erasing data

The customer can view his or her personal data by sending an e-mail to The data can also be rectified or erased in the same way. The customer may send an e-mail to this address at any time to ask not to be contacted for direct marketing purposes.

Personal data protection

Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A. makes every effort to protect its customers’ data. Credit card payments always take place through OGONE, the leading European PCI certified payment provider. The other personal data will be transferred to the database of Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A., using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security.

Use of Cookies and storage of computer data

The site uses cookies. A cookie is a small packet of data which is sent to the customer’s computer by the server of Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A. to facilitate the ordering process.

The customer’s internet service provider’s IP addresses will also be recorded on our website, and also the type of browser, the operating system and the pages visited on the website.

Acceptance of the Confidentiality Policy

This Confidentiality Policy gives the customer all the information required to decide whether he or she wishes to use this website and send his or her personal data to Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A. By browsing on the site and communicating electronically with Confiserie LEONIDAS S.A., the customer acknowledges and accepts the confidentiality policy and automatically gives consent for his or her personal data to be processed in accordance with this confidentiality policy. Our company does not share your data with third parties.


If you have any questions, comments or problems in relation to this website, please send them to, or contact us by telephone on +32 2 522 19 57.