Les Origines: discover the new Sélection range

To mark the occasion, our Master Chocolatiers have devised an incredible journey from the origins of chocolate to the most contemporary flavours.

In addition to its four stars, the new Sélection range includes ‘Les Origines’ based on cocoa beans from emblematic terroirs as well as three other new products based on the concept of food pairing.

An initiatory trip for enthusiasts… and the curious!

Les Origines

Five new creations devised to express the original flavours of great cocoa terroirs. Each chocolate is subtly filled with a creamy ganache, carefully encasing the history and flavours of its origins. A delicate recipe and pure taste creating a unique delight! 

Sélection Venezuela

Dark chocolate ganache from Venezuela

Sélection Venezuela

Milk chocolate ganache from Venezuela

Sélection Brésil

Dark chocolate ganache from Brazil

Sélection Vietnam

Milk chocolate ganache from Vietnam

Sélection Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée

Dark chocolate ganache from Papua New Guinea

Elegant gift boxes

Marvellous chocolates deserve marvellous packaging: like the luxurious Sélection gift box which is available in different sizes. In addition, there is a new little sample paper bag that can hold a selection of 7 or 8 chocolates... For a tasting session that in the blink of an eye becomes a journey of discovery!

In search of the perfect pairing

The Sélection range also includes three new recruits inspired by the concept of food pairing! Layer after layer, the flavours blend and the magic works in quest of the perfect pairing.

Sélection tiramisu

Tiramisu-flavoured ganache in a dark chocolate cup

Sélection sea buckthorn

Ganache of sea buckthorn berries and praliné in a dark chocolate cup

Sélection fig

Ganache with puréed figs and blonde chocolate praliné in a dark chocolate cup

Rediscover the ‘stars’ of the Sélection range

You loved them. They’re back.
Everyone loves these four superb chocolates in the Sélection range thanks to their subtly surprising flavours and refined decoration.
Close your eyes and take a bite!

Sélection ginger lemon

Ginger and lemon ganache, dark chocolate

Sélection Matcha

Matcha tea ganache, dark chocolate

Sélection violet

Violet ganache, dark chocolate

Sélection chestnut honey

Ganache with chestnut honey, blonde chocolate

Quality is our greatest asset

Made without palm oil

Our Master Chocolatiers are obsessed with quality. They will only accept pure cocoa butter. That is why you won’t find a single drop of palm oil in our chocolate.

100% pure cocoa butter

Leonidas wants you to enjoy moments of pure bliss. That is why our Master Chocolatiers only use chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

Belgian since 1913

Leonidas chocolates are designed in Belgium. Our Master Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients, handling them with loving care and with a respect for tradition.

Quality durable

Certified cocoa

Leonidas chooses certified cocoa to produce its pralines. When your aim is to create moments of happiness for everyone, what’s more normal than caring about nature and humankind?