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Expressing your love for your special someone has never been easier thanks to the gourmet creations from Leonidas. Looking for that one gift that is sure to win them over? Leonidas is the place to be this Valentine's Day!

Share the magic with your loved one

Our succulent little hearts will delight every romantic this Valentine's Day. They will add a dash of romance to a beautiful declaration. For all tastes and in all colours, they will delight lovers of the best chocolate.

"Bleu de toi", a tiny heart in the colour of your sweetest dreams. As mysterious as it is delicious, this white chocolate heart is coloured with natural blue spirulina, and filled with a blood orange cream and a touch of goji berries. A unique novelty to enjoy with your partner.

Fill their hearts with joy with our little chocolate hearts

Leonidas presents seven original flavours for declaring your love, so surprise him/her with a bold and mysterious new colour

Coeur bleu de toi

Heart bleu de toi

White chocolate and spirulina, ganache with blood orange
Limited Edition
Coeur Cerise et Sureau

Heart cherry and elderberry

White chocolate, ganache with cherry and elderberry
Limited Edition
Coeur Fleur d'Hibiscus et Coquelicot

Heart hibiscus flower and poppy

White chocolate, ganache with hibiscus and poppy infusion
Coeur noir

Heart noir de noir

Intense dark chocolate ganache
Coeur vanille

Heart vanilla

Vanilla-flavoured crème confiseur
Coeur dulce de leche

Heart dulce de leche

Blonde chocolate with dulce de leche coffee cream
Coeur framboise

Heart raspberry

White chocolate and raspberries, raspberry ganache

Give the gift of passion in a scarlet setting for Valentine's Day

A romantic gift! A handwritten letter! Why not declare your love with a beautiful box of chocolates? Leonidas has created beautiful flame red boxes, ready to hold all the pralines you want to give as gifts. Choose the format that is right for you and fill it with the best chocolate.

Capture your loved one's heart with their favourite treats!

Saint valentin - gift box
Saint valentin - gift box
Saint valentin - gift box
Saint valentin - gift box
Saint valentin - gift box

Quality is our greatest asset

Without palm oil

Made without palm oil

Our Master Chocolatiers are obsessed with quality. They will only accept pure cocoa butter. That is why you won’t find a single drop of palm oil in our chocolate.

Pure cocoa

100% pure cocoa butter

Leonidas wants you to enjoy moments of pure bliss. That is why our Master Chocolatiers only use chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter.


Belgian since 1913

Leonidas chocolates are designed in Belgium. Our Master Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients, handling them with loving care and with a respect for tradition.

Quality durable

Sustainable cocoa

Leonidas chooses sustainable cocoa to produce its pralines. When your aim is to create moments of happiness for everyone, what’s more normal than caring about nature and humankind?