A selection of white chocolates that include Leonidas' iconic chocolates such as the Manon Café with a whole hazelnut and the Manon White. This ballotin will also enable you to discover many other chocolates to tease your palate.

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*This list of products is given as an indication. The composition of our boxes may vary depending on available stocks. The quantity of products in each box depends on the size of the box ordered.

Casaleo white

White chocolate, praliné with puffed rice


White chocolate, pineapple buttercream
Chocolates Leonidas | Dressé noisette

Irrésistible strawberry rhubarb

White chocolate, buttercream with strawberries and rhubarb flavour.
Chocolates Leonidas | Heart cherry and elderberry

Louise hazelnuts

White chocolate, caramel-flavoured praliné and caramelized hazelnuts

Noisette masquée white

White chocolate, praliné with a whole hazelnut

Bûche white

White chocolate, tender praliné

Duetto yuzu and dragon fruit

White chocolate, dark chocolate ganache with yuzu and dragon fruit flavour

Napolitain white

White chocolate