Father's Day – give chocolate. Why not?

Child with a box of chocolates

"My dad is the biggest and the strongest!” “No, my dad’s even stronger!” Yes, all fathers are strapping in their children’s eyes, especially when they are glowering at their kids. But there is one day when they melt completely with love in front of their offspring: Father's Day! How can they resist their kids’ kisses and gifts? And how about winning dad over completely with a box of chocolates? With Leonidas, you’re spoilt for choice. Even better, we’re sure your father will agree to sharing his chocolates with the family.

A chocolate gift for fathers

The month of June is finally here and we will get to celebrate fathers! But what to give them as a gift? Between organising the school fete and completing school reports, the teacher hasn’t had time to help… disaster!

A tie, maybe? Far too ordinary. And who wears them these days anyway? A framed photo of his children? Why, when his phone is full of his little rascals’ funny faces! A new tablet? Ah, no, that was his gift last Christmas…

But talking of tablets… how about giving him chocolate? Who said fathers don’t eat it? No one, we agree! They appreciate it just as much as mums and kids. There we are, chocolate it is; it’s an excellent gift idea for Father's Day. But where to find this blissful box for sharing? At Leonidas, of course!

Assortiment de cadeaux de fête des pères Leonidas

A blissful box for Father's Day

Do you love your dad? At Leonidas, there’s a thousand ways to tell him. Each box of gourmet treats and chocolates from our Master Chocolatiers sends him a message.

  • Is your father constantly losing his watch or his chain? Once the chocolates have been eaten, the Dora round gift box makes for a very elegant container.
  • Does your father love fine materials and traditions? The wooden box of liqueur chocolates will be bliss for him. 
  • Oh, what a beautiful metal box! What could your dad hide in there? Photos and words of affection from those he loves dearly?
  • Perhaps your father is a true gourmet, yet appreciates classic flavours. The Blue Gift Basket was designed with him in mind.

Still not sure? Not yet found the perfect present for your dad? Take a look at our range of ballotins of chocolates.

Homme heureux qui déguste une praline Leonidas

Premium quality chocolate for an exceptional father!

Your dad is the best father ever. So choose the best chocolates to celebrate his Father's Day.You can’t go wrong with Leonidas! Why? Quite simply, and in all modesty, because we supply to kings, no less! In fact, our brand has been designated as certified purveyor to the Belgian royal household. Your dear dad deserves at least all these honours!

Our sweet treats and chocolates are made from premium quality ingredients. We use 100% pure cocoa butter in our chocolate, which is guaranteed to be free from palm oil. The spices, flavours, flowers and fruits that go into making our products are carefully selected from ethical producers who respect the environment.

Lacking inspiration for a Father's Day gift? Hurry to your nearest Leonidas shop! Does your father live a long way from you? Get his favourite chocolates delivered to his door by ordering online in our e-shop.