Sélection range: a masterpiece of Leonidas creations

Table with Leonidas chocolates from the Selection Range

Do you know the Leonidas Sélection Belgian chocolates? No? Well, you should know that our Master Chocolatiers have surpassed themselves to bring you the best of their know-how. They certainly have: purely for you and your enjoyment! Every chocolate and nougatine in the Sélection range is a true masterpiece of contemporary taste, a feast for your eyes as much as your taste buds. Take a look behind the scenes of a Leonidas signature creation.

Leonidas Sélection, exceptional chocolates and nougatines

The Sélection range includes two nougatines and eight chocolates from Leonidas in absolutely exceptional quality. It started with our Master Chocolatiers and their amazing know-how. Crafting refined ganache like no others, they have paired it with ingredients as subtle as they are unexpected. This is how they created:

    Chestnut Honey, a blond chocolate with a chestnut honey ganache, topped with grains of pollen

    Dark Intense, a dark chocolate with dark intense ganache, decorated with dark chocolate interlacing

    Matcha, a dark pure ganache chocolate flavoured with Matcha tea, decorated with an edging of green tea chocolate

    Violet, a dark chocolate with a delicately-flavoured violet ganache, sprinkled with violet-flavoured pieces

    Goji, a dark chocolate with goji berry ganache, topped with a goji berry

    Quinoa, a milk chocolate with red quinoa caramel, sprinkled with crunchy grains of quinoa

    Ginger Lemon, a dark chocolate with a spiced ginger and lemon ganache, decorated with pieces of candied ginger

    Ruby Pomegranate, a pink chocolate with pomegranate ganache, sprinkled with raspberry pieces

    Raspberry Nougatine, a dark raspberry-flavoured chocolate, topped with a disk of golden nougatine

    Coffee Nougatine, a coffee-flavoured chocolate, topped with a pastille of caramelised nougatine

Each of these creations is a true work of art. The chocolates are exquisite delicacies. The decoration comes close to perfection, the flavours are beguiling, the tastes bewitching… Indulge in the intense pleasure of these exceptional chocolates. With Leonidas, bliss is called Sélection.

Woman choosing a Leonidas chocolate from the Selection range

Sélection range, delicately-flavoured premium ganache

With the Sélection range, the Master Chocolatiers of Leonidas have been innovative. They have been bold. This collection propels Belgian chocolate into the modern age. Yet our culinary artists have remained faithful. Faithful to the values of Maison Leonidas. As always, their priority was authenticity and quality!

It starts with the quality of the ganache… It is made from 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate and cream that’s always guaranteed to be fresh. The same is true of all the ingredients that go into making our creations. Fruits, flowers, spices and all the flavours are imported from the best producer countries.

We ensure that all our suppliers operate ethically and with respect for the planet. Which is why you won’t find a single drop of palm oil in our chocolates. And like all our products, the Sélection range is made entirely in Belgium. It’s no surprise that Leonidas is the official supplier to the Royal Court!

Sélection range, presented in a signature Leonidas box

A very special presentation box for exceptional chocolates! You won’t find our Leonidas Belgian chocolates of the Sélection range in our famous ballotins. Instead, we have created a new ‘blissful box’ to mark the occasion. This Sélection box is available in three sizes: S, M and L. An elegant ribbon, skilfully positioned, allows you to remove the inner tray and place it on your guests’ table. So when it’s time for a cup of tea or coffee, you can share a moment that’s both exquisite and delicious.


To get hold of the Sélection range, visit your nearest Leonidas shop. You can also order your exceptional chocolates and nougatines online in our e-shop. Treat yourself!