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Immerse yourself already in the Christmas spirit!

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier, it’s starting to get cold outside and we are much better warm at home… Start counting down the days that separate us from the Christmas holidays. Because this year, Leonidas will pamper your family even more with its festive range of Christmas chocolates, available now.

Yes, the wonderful wintery Christmas balls are back!

The festive little Christmas balls are so wonderfully shiny. And yet you are keen to unwrap them and feast on the 6 different flavours:

  • Christmas Ball

    Dark chocolate, praline

  • Christmas Ball

    Milk chocolate, sparkling praliné

  • Christmas Ball

    Milk chocolate, praliné biscuit

  • Christmas Ball

    Milk chocolate, hazelnut paste

  • Christmas Ball

    White chocolate, praliné puffed rice

  • Christmas Ball

    Milk chocolate, salted caramel

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Christmas treats for children

Suddenly, a bear or deer appears at the breakfast table! And the snowman melts in your hot milk. Did you know that you can munch on a Christmas tree? Look forward now to delighting your children with fun Christmas figurines and chocolate lollipops.

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Treasure your lovely moments together, with chocolate Christmas trees

Every year, our little Christmas trees give the holidays an extra shiny touch. Let yourself be surprised by these tasty delights, and the pleasant moments they offer:

  • Christmas tree white chocolate

    Cranberries Ganache

  • Christmas tree marbled milk chocolate

    Almond Cream

  • Christmas tree milk chocolate

    Praliné with coffee flavoured macaron

  • Christmas tree dark chocolate

    Tangerine ganache

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Chocolate by Maîtres Chocolatiers … with a bow on top

The gift under the Christmas tree that everyone is longing for. Who is that box full of bliss waiting for? This holiday period, you can once again choose from a wide range of gift wrapping for each chocolate gift. The Christmas tree box is perfect for this holiday season. Leo the teddy bear is back, holding chocolate Christmas balls in his belly. You can’t wait till Christmas? Count down with the delicious Advent calendar.

The tastiest chocolate gifts for Christmas

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