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At Leonidas, there’s always time for a bit of happiness during the day. Enjoy our trusted chocolates, start the day with the Manon chocolate spread, daydream over a fragrant cup of Pyramide hot chocolate or snack on the ultradelicious Choc's.

Feast on your trusted chocolates Manon, Louise, Alexandre le Grand.

However your day is going, with our chocolates you can take your foot off the gas for a moment and pamper yourself with a delicious treat.

The collection is extensive and the flavours irresistible: which chocolate gives you that moment of happiness?

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Start your day with a smile: discover our spreads

With our spreads you can start enjoying exquisite flavours of Leonidas at breakfast. Each and every one made with sunflower oil and real cocoa butter, without a drop of palm oil. Which will be your irresistible favourite?

  • Manon

    ultradelicious flavour combination of white chocolate, praliné and coffee

  • Noir de Noir

    a pick-me-up with the intense flavour of dark chocolate

  • Noisettes

    wildly delicious with 30 per cent hazelnuts

  • Make the most delicious hot chocolate with the best chocolate

    A Leonidas Pyramide is a delicious piece of top-quality chocolate for that ultimate moment of pampering: a fresh cup of hot chocolate. Choose from 4 different flavours:

    • Pyramide Choco Latte

      Pyramide filled with a classic milk chocolate Ganache

    • Pyramide Mexique

      Pyramide filled with a pure dark chocolate Ganache from Mexico, with 68% cocoa

    • Pyramide Chai Latte

      Pyramide filled with a spiced chocolate Ganache with a chai tea aroma, enhanced by a touch of honey

    • Pyramide Cappuccino

      Pyramide filled with a milk chocolate and 100% Arabica coffee Ganache

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    The Choc's: ready-to eat pieces of chocolate tablets to share

    The Choc's are a tasty break. The pieces of chocolate tablet are available in 3 masterly flavours:

    • Milk chocolate with a pecan and almond topping
    • Dark chocolate with a fruity cranberry topping
    • Milk chocolate with a crunchy almond topping

    The Choc's are sold in a resealable wrapper and are separately packaged. If you can limit yourself to just one, then you can be sure the rest will stay perfectly fresh.

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