Our packaging is a wrap!

Not only is the cocoa in our chocolate of sustainable origin, but the same is true of our packaging. Most of them are already in line with the requirements of sustainable entrepreneurship. For example, the majority of our cardboard/paper packaging are FSC-certified. The FSC labels guarantee that the material or product comes from verified and sustainable sources that have met rigorous environmental and social requirements. 

By purchasing our products, you have chosen sustainability and, like us, show your willingness to put humanity and the environment at the centre of our decisions. 

At the same time, we have reorganized the production of the majority of our packaging in order to work with local companies, while also reducing our environmental footprint. 

boite de pralines

Plastic follows its cycle!

For some of our packaging - in particular, what is found inside the boxes - we are still using plastic. But in this case, we take care to use only PET or polypropylene, made up of at least 50% recycled materials. 

Unlike PVC, used in many other domains, PET is respectful of the environment and is 100% recyclable. Moreover, because of its partial toxicity, PVC is not suitable for food packaging. For this reason, we have chosen to favour PET to package our chocolates and confectionery. Sometimes we also use polypropylene, a mass consumption plastic that is often used for the manufacturing of food containers and packaging that is recyclable. 

sachet plastique

A glance at our packaging...

  • Is the ballotin recyclable?

    Made in Belgium, our iconic ballotin is made of cardboard covered in a thin layer of aluminium, which lends it a lovely golden tint. The aluminium surface represents less than 5% of the total weight, and so the ballotin is perfectly recyclable. 

  • Are hard cardboard boxes recyclable?

    Yes, these are FSC-certified boxes and therefore environmentally responsible. The blisters inside the boxes are made of PET, a material that is made with at least 50% recycled plastic. And like our ballotins, our boxes and blisters are made in Belgium. 

  • Are the cardboard decorations for bags recyclable?

    Yes, the cardboard is not film-coated, and is therefore 100% recyclable. And still more good news: our bags are also made in Belgium. 

  • Is the Leonidas bag recyclable?

    Yes, except for the straps, which therefore should be removed. The bag itself is recyclable. 

  • Is the cello bag recyclable?

    Yes, because it is not made of cellophane but of polypropylene. So you can simply put it in the blue bag with the other plastics. 


Quality is our greatest asset

Pure cocoa butter

100% pure cocoa butter

Leonidas wants you to enjoy moments of pure bliss. That is why our Master Chocolatiers only use chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

Without palm oil

Made without palm oil

Our Master Chocolatiers are obsessed with quality. They will only accept pure cocoa butter. That is why you won’t find a single drop of palm oil in our chocolate.

Belgium 1913

Belgian since 1913

Leonidas chocolates are made in Belgium. Our Master Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients, handling them with loving care and with a respect for tradition.

Sustainable cocoa

Sustainable cocoa

Leonidas chooses sustainable cocoa to produce its pralines. When your aim is to create moments of happiness for everyone, what’s more normal than caring about nature and humankind?