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The truffle – the star of our autumn season!

The days are growing shorter. Temperatures are falling. And a chilly breeze is setting the leaves a-flutter. Autumn is well and truly back… Why not take this opportunity to treat yourself?
Close your eyes and imagine… Snuggled up in the warmth, you share some delicious Leonidas truffles with your loved ones. The fine chocolate shell dusted with cocoa melts on your palate, and you savour the creamy taste of the ganache.
The distinctive shape and flavourful filling… Leonidas truffles have been sublime since time immemorial. And today, we are offering you this delicious chocolate treat, invented at the end of the 19th century, in 4 flavourful versions, available at all our shops.

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Share our deliciours Truffles

  • Classic Truffle

    White and dark chocolate ganache

  • Dark Truffle

    Chocolate ganache in 85% cocoa

  • Speculoos Truffle

    Milk chocolate ganache and fragments of speculoos biscuit

  • Marc de Champagne Truffle

    milk and white chocolate ganache flavoured with Marc de Champagne

Goodness in beauty!

Our autumn boxes are all wrapped up and ready to go! Warm colours, an updated design featuring the mushroom, symbol of the season… As well as a lovely brown box with sleeve to encase our 4 varieties of truffles, the stars of the season.
Treat yourself or someone else, and choose your favourite box in one of our shops.

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Our autumn chocolates are here!

… and are ready and waiting for you:

  • White Mushroom

    Salted caramel

  • Dark Mushroom

    Dark chocolate mousse

  • Milk chocolate Walnut

    Nut-flavoured cream

  • Milk chocolate Leaf

    Crunchy praliné

  • Aube d’hiver in milk chocolate

    Vanilla butter cream, dark chocolate ganache and cranberries

  • Aube d’hiver in dark chocolate

    Vanilla butter cream, dark chocolate ganache and cranberries

Make your choice in your Leonidas shop – the best way to treat your taste buds!

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Let yourself be haunted by ourHalloween Balls!

“With our Halloween Balls, you will enchant your little visitors on October 31st. Yes indeed: our little angels are ready to turn into monsters and head off to hunt for sweets.
Trick or treat! Our delicious Halloween Balls will have your little ones quiver in delight!
In milk chocolate with popping praliné or milk chocolate with hazelnut paste, they are all terrifyingly delicious!
Head on over to our shops and let yourself be haunted!

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Trick or treat!

  • Halloween ball

    Milk chocolate and popping praliné

  • Halloween ball

    Milk chocolate and hazelnut paste

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