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For more than 100 years, our Master Chocolatiers have been assembling the finest ingredients to offer you creative and tasty recipes. Without palm oil and made from 100% pure cocoa butter, our chocolates will ensure blissful moments of chocolatey delight.

Discover our assortment of chocolates and delights Treat yourself to a gourmet break! Discover our entire assortment of chocolates and gourmet delights, available in our stores or online on our e-shop.
Batonnet choco latte

Stick Choco Latte

Block of pure chocolate of 36g with a little stick for a hot chocolate.
ts stones

Stones almonds mix

Almonds coated in pure, milk or blond chocolate
Massepain fraise

Strawberry marzipan

Marzipan with strawberry flavour
Tablette chocolat noir 70% cacao 100G

Tablet dark chocolate 70% cocoa 100G

Dark chocolate, 70% cocoa
Tablette Noir 85%

Tablet dark chocolate 85% cocoa 100G

Dark chocolate, 85% cocoa
Paquet de la tablette Noir Nibs bleu et beige avec des images de chocolats noirs et des éclats de Nibs

Tablet dark chocolate nibs 100G

Dark chocolate with nibs (roasted cocoa beans)
Tablette chocolat noir orange 100G

Tablet dark chocolate orange 100G

Dark chocolate with orange peel
Paquet de la tablette au chocolat noir à la framboise bleu et rose vif avec des images de framboises et de chocolats noirs

Tablet dark chocolate raspberry 100G

Dark chocolate with raspberry
Tablette chocolat au lait 30% 100G

Tablet milk chocolate 30% 100G

Milk chocolate
Tablette lait noisettes

Tablet milk chocolate hazelnuts 100g

Milk chocolate with hazelnuts
Paquet de la tablette au chocolat au lait et au noisettes bleu et vert avec des images de noisettes et de chocolat au lait

Tablet milk chocolate hazelnuts 100G

Milk chocolate with hazelnuts
Image du paquet de la tablette au chocolat au lait amandes salées bleu et orange avec des image d'amandes et de chocolat au lait

Tablet milk chocolate salted almonds 100G

Milk chocolate with almond and sea salt
Tablette chocolat au lait caramel salé 100G

Tablet milk chocolate salted caramel 100G

Milk chocolate with salted caramel
tablette stevia au chocolat au noir

Tablet stevia dark chocolate 85g

Dark chocolate tablet with 80% cocoa content and natural stevia extract
tablette stevia au chocolat au lait

Tablet stevia milk chocolate 85g

Milk chocolate tablet with natural stevia extract
Image du paquet de la tablette au chocolat blanc citron meringué bleu et jaune avec des image de meringue de citron et de chocolat blanc

Tablet white chocolate meringue lemon flavour 100G

White chocolate lemon flavour with meringue.
top shot tosca


Dark chocolate, intense dark chocolate ganache with rum
Truffe marc de champagne

Truffe marc de champagne

White and milk chocolate ganache with Marc de Champagne
Truffe classique

Truffle classic

Ganache with dark and milk chocolate
Truffe noire

Truffle dark

Ganache with 85% cocoa dark chocolate
Truffe Speculoos

Truffle speculoos

Milk chocolate ganache with crumbles of spiced biscuit

Tutti Frutti

White chocolate, marzipan with pieces of candied fruit: melon and orange

Vanilla-low in sugar

Dark chocolate, vanilla-flavoured ganache
Praline Leonidas | 8 crayons lait - 72g

8 pencils milk - 72g

Assortment of 8 coloured crayons of milk chocolate