Marshmallow Caramel Salé

Marshmallow Caramel

Soft marshmallow with a layer of crunchy caramel cream with fleur de sel
Marshmallow Noir

Marshmallow dark

Marshmallow with floral honey notes is coated in a layer of pure chocolate
Marshmallow Framboise

Marshmallow dark - raspberry

Marshmallow with pieces of raspberry coated in dark chocolate

Marshmallow milk

Marshmallow with floral honey notes and milk chocolate

Marshmallow milk - dark caramel

A combination of delicious caramel fondant coated in crunchy milk chocolate.
marshmallow lait creme cafe

Marshmallow milk- Coffee cream

This creamy coffee marshmallow is coated in delicious milk chocolate.
Fruits Massepain

Marzipan in the shape of fruit

Maxi tablette amande lait

Maxi tablet Almond

Milk chocolate with caramelized, delicately cut almond slivers
Maxi tablette cranberry noir

Maxi tablet cranberry

Dark chocolate with fruity and acid taste of the cranberry
Maxi tablette pecan lait

Maxi tablet Pecan

Milk chocolate covered with grilled and salted almond, grilled hazelnut and caramelised pecan
Mendiant noir


Dark chocolate disc decorated with pecan nuts and dried fruits
Mendiant lait


Milk chocolate disc decorated with pecan nuts and dried fruits
Mendiant blanc


White chocolate disc decorated with pecan nuts and dried fruits
Orange trempée

Orange Trempée

Candied orange dipped in dark chocolate


Candied orange peel coated in dark chocolate
Pyramide capuccino

Pyramide Capuccino

Milk chocolate and 100% Arabica coffee ganache
Pyramide chai latte

Pyramide Chai Latte

Spiced chocolate ganache with a chai tea aroma
Pyramide choco latte

Pyramide Choco Latte

Classic milk chocolate ganache
Pyramide Mexique

Pyramide Mexique

Dark chocolate ganache from Mexico, single-origin 68% cocoa
Tranches agar

Slice orange and lemon

Orange and lemon fruit jelly
Massepain fraise

Strawberry marzipan

Marzipan with strawberry flavour
Tablette 100g 75 pourcents noir

Tablet Dark 70% Cocoa

Intense dark chocolate, 70% cocoa
Tablette 100g 85 pourcents noir

Tablet Dark 85% Cocoa

Powerful dark chocolate, 85% cocoa
Tablette dark nibs 100g

Tablet Dark Nibs

54% cocoa dark chocolate with toasted cocoa nibs