To get your kids back to school without any stress, trust Leonidas!

Father with his joyful child on his shoulders

After a fine summer holiday period, whether in the countryside, the mountains or the beach, it is time to put the rucksack on again. It’s that time again, time to go back to school! Some children have been waiting impatiently for this moment. They are looking forward to seeing their friends again and meeting their new teacher. Others are a bit more hesitant, especially if this is their first day at school, or if they have moved house during the summer. Whatever their situation, follow the advice of Leonidas to prepare for this new return to school with a smile!

Child with a box of chocolates

Get ready to go back to school with joy and a good mood!

Why wait for Christmas, a birthday or the end of the school year to give chocolate to your classmates? And what if going back to school is ultimately the best moment? Sharing some chocolates with friends is a good way to celebrate seeing each other again. Perhaps your tiny tot doesn’t know anyone yet? Arriving with a box of chocolates is an excellent way to make new friends!

And why not share this surprising box of coloured pencils of Leonidas. No, no… they’re not for writing with! They're delicious chocolates to enjoy.


8 Leonidas milk chocolate pencils 72g
Child with a box of Leonidas chocolates that says thank you

Spoil your children’s teachers with Leonidas!

A successful start to the school year also means a happy teacher. Settling in 20 or so little schoolchildren takes a lot of energy. Give him or her the nicest back-to-school gift: a ballotin of chocolates! Teaching in a good mood is always nice, for the teachers and for the children!

Toast with a smile drawn in chocolate

Make afternoon snack time the best moment of the day!

A day in school is long and exhausting for little ones. Although they are often very happy to learn new things and play with their friends, they also welcome the end of school bell. They can finally breathe and relax… so when you collect them at the school gates, why not surprise them with a tasty snack? Leonidas has created a lot of treats for the afternoon snack.

A slice of bread fresh from the oven, accompanied by a Leonidas chocolate bar is ideal before going to play. Or vary it with some creamy chocolate spread on a slice of brioche bread. Mmm ... So delicious! And if it’s a little cold outside, hurry home to get warm over a comforting cup of hot chocolate made with our Pyramides. Dunk a biscuit… the moment is simply PERFECT!

Give your toddlers the best of chocolate!

As a parent, you’re concerned with what goes into the food your children eat. To ensure Leonidas spells quality, all our chocolates are made from 100% pure cocoa butter and are guaranteed to be free from palm oil.


100% pure cocoa butter
Palm oil free






To get ready for going back to school in a good mood, give your children some tasty chocolates to share. You can find them easily in your nearest Leonidas shop. You can also order online in our e-shop.