Mother's Day – give love, give chocolates!

Child with a box of chocolates

Give your mum the finest of gifts for Mother’s Day. Tell her you love her with flowers… and a box of chocolates! Flowers are beautiful, they are full of joy and colours. And chocolate is sweet, soft and to savour, like a child’s kiss for his dear mother, who he adores with all his heart. With Leonidas chocolate boxes, give your mum the most delicious gift there is!

Garçon qui cache les yeux de sa maman et lui offre un chocolat Leonidas

Mother's Day – a sweet moment to share

One Sunday in May, children have a mission of the highest importance to accomplish: to wish their mum a happy Mother’s Day. How difficult it was to keep the gift a secret! You prepared it discreetly, with the complicity of a teacher or other parent. Finally, it’s here, it’s time to give your mother her gift! A card, a poem, a pot of modelling dough… everything is wonderful when it comes from the heart.

As adults, too, we still think of our mothers. But we no longer give gifts like a noodle necklace or crepe paper rose. We give gifts for grown-ups now! Hurry to the florist to find a magnificent, flamboyantly-coloured bouquet. Flowers will brighten up the house and lift your mum’s spirits.

Then take a detour to her favourite chocolate shop. Ah yes, chocolate! What mother today could do without it? You only have to sneak a look at their discussion groups on social media to see that it’s one of their favourite subjects. Chocolate has become an essential for them! Give a box of chocolates to your mother for Mother’s Day and watch her face light up. How sweet it is to bring happiness…

Leonidas box – a gourmet gift for Mother’s Day

The Leonidas Master Chocolatiers also have mothers themselves. And so for Mother’s Day, they have put together chocolate boxes and hampers for you, each more beautiful and delicious than the last. And here’s a taster. All you have to do is choose what your dear mum would love best.

Take a look at our Gourmet Delights page too, where you are sure to find something to satisfy your mother’s every desire: Orangettes, Mendiants, Gianduja, chocolate spreads, etc.

Assortiment de cadeaux de fête des mères Leonidas

Leonidas chocolates – the best of chocolate for the best of mother

Do you want the best for your mum? Of course you do, she’s your queen after all! You can’t go wrong with Leonidas. Indeed, our famous Belgian chocolate brand has been selected as certified purveyor to the Belgian royal household. A distinction we are very proud of.

It is with the same devotion that we put our entire know-how into our chocolates for you to give to your mother. To celebrate the occasion, we even bring you chocolates in the shape of little hearts.

All our products are made from ingredients that are healthy, fresh and that respect the environment. The chocolate is guaranteed to be made from 100% pure cocoa butter, and is free from palm oil. We select premium quality cocoa beans, just like the fruits, flavours and spices that go into making our chocolate treats.

For a gourmet Mother’s Day, and a mother bursting with joy, bring the loveliest of them a box of chocolates! Find your bliss in your nearest Leonidas shop. If your mother lives a long way from you, have her box of chocolates delivered to her door by ordering online in our e-shop.